I once told my friends that fairies lived in my front garden. The fairies and I were such best friends, that I would get £1 every time I helped mum around the house AND I didn’t have to pull my teeth out.

A few years later, I told stories about boys with metal wings. Boys and their brothers in New York, Tokyo, and London, wearing one-off costumes down a floodlit runway.    

A lot of years later, I tell stories about people struggling with debilitating pain, new mothers with rippling abs, about natural healthcare and the war on drugs.    

Hi, I’m Savannah. A copywriter with a knack for… wait for it… storytelling.    

I’ve worked with independent fashion magazines, newspapers, start up writing and digital marketing agencies as a journalist, an account manager, senior copywriter, media buyer, and creative strategist.    

Originally from the UK, I’ve since been diagnosed with a chronic illness some would downplay and call “the travel bug” (which accompanies “food junkie” and “serial yogi”).
Such life threatening ailments aren’t covered by the NHS, so I’ve found myself in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find me most days in a stretchy jumpsuit and dressing gown, slumped at awkward angles on the sofa with a cup of tea and crumbs around my mouth. I suffer from minor laptop burns on my lap and hermit-like traits. I also have a hermit crab tattooed on my right ribs. Class act.

P.S. You’re probably curious about what I look like, so here’s my LinkedIn.

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